Lapcare OA04 4-Cell Li-Ion Original Laptop Battery


1100 +% GST


Compatible with HP 240 G2 Notebook PC, HP 250 G2 Notebook PC, HP 255 G2 Notebook PC, HP 14-d000 Notebook PC, HP 15-d000 Notebook PC, Compaq 14-a000 Notebook PC, Compaq 15-a000 Notebook PC series
Peace of mind: HP\’s 1-year warranty guarantees you peace of mind with a long cycle life span. That\’s 365 days that you never have to ever worry about your battery
This package includes HP battery/ HP user guide/ HP check manual
When you buy a battery for your notebook, you’re buying trust. You can’t see what’s inside. You trust HP to eliminate the risks for you. Trust HP – every time
Slim. Trim. Sits flush with the bottom of your notebook to keep a clean look without adding weight or bulk to your notebook


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Weight 500 g


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